What is this Web Presence Optimization service?

Rocket Impact from Web Presence Optimization

It is always faster to improve existing potential, than to create a new. So, we do thorough analysis to identify all your real and substantial potential, and we move you up and forward in just 4 weeks.

SEO as radix of Web Presence Optimization

Your generic traffic from Google Search depends on site performance and ranking, based on internal and external factors relevant to best practices of SEO and latest Google standards. We fix it all!

Advanced techniques of SMM/SEM/CPC

It depends on client's objective potential will we practice SEM and CPC as a basis, or just as an addition to SEO, but in both cases a client will get 100% targeted traffic and lowest CPC or bid rate on the market.

Website Development and Maintenance

We produce fully optimized Web sites and landing pages, but we are also ready to fix, upgrade or repack your existing Web site. We cover the entire process of production, as care about hosting and related services.

How it Works?

First step: Analysis

Usualy, we reply 24 hours after first contact. From our initial report, we see what is most important in service of your Web presence, and we set first formal report.

Second step: Estimates

From formal report, we create estimate, open for changes. Sometimes you will exclude or add some service, or discuss about discount, but every time when you accept estimate, it will be transformed to invoice. We ask our clients to pay all invoices in 7 days.

Third step: Realization

SEO:In first 7 days you get Website audit report and Ranking report. In second week we start improvement. SMM:In first week we set initial platform for your social media optimization.