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AMP Websites and Web Presence Optimization

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AMP Websites and Web Presence Optimization




On Google’s blog, Google announced in its blog that AMP pages now appear in mobile search results.

What is AMP?

The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) task is an open-source activity expecting to enhance the execution of the versatile web; it was propelled by Google, last October. AMP strips out the greater part of the components which cause website pages to stack slower on cell phones.
For instance, Java Scripts, pointless navigational elements, and a considerable measure of customary promotions; HTTPS is obligatory for AMP pages.

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On February, 24th, Google declared: AMP pages will be shown in portable list items. Presently when you hunt down a story or theme on Google from a cell phone, pages made with AMP will show up when noteworthy in the Top Stories portion of the recorded records page.
Any story you read will stack quick—and it’s definitely not hard to look through the article without it taking dependably to load or bobbing all around as you read. It’s additionally simple to rapidly flip through the query items just by swiping starting with one full-page AMP story then onto the next.

AMP is ideal for browsing the web on cell phones since site pages worked with AMP load a normal of four times speedier and used 10 times less information than copy non-AMP pages. As a rule, they’ll charge right away. Itthe way using on the portable web ought to be—quick, responsive and fun.   It also improves Web presence optimization as it makes everything enough swift and easy.

AMP pages will be highlighted in the portable query item pages with this marker:

Who uses AMP?

Used and distributed and innovation organizations, AMP is essentially implemented from the business users. However, AMP is focused on towards news articles. The SEO professional blog likewise underpins AMP.


AMP is not fundamental for general sites. Numerous different things are significantly more imperative to ensure that your site pages get high rankings on Google. SEO experts use various instruments that offer you to enhance the web crawler permeability of your web some assistance with paging.

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