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Instagram trends businesses need to know in 2018

Instagram trends businesses need to know in 2018



Briscoe PR

January, 10th 2018

Instagram trends businesses need to know in 2018

Instagram trends business need to know in 2018

Did you know there are more than 800 million active users on Instagram and this number is set to grow. Can you afford not to be on top of the latest Instagram trends for your business?

Many new Instagram trends are emerging that will have an impact on how brands market to their followers. To summarise: this year Instagram marketing will be stepped up a notch with new analytics and features.

Boosting posts will become normal

Much like you can ‘boost’ posts on Facebook, Instagram has adopted ‘promoted posts’. This requires you having to pay to have your content seen by more people. If you wish to maintain a high engagement and reach on Instagram you’ll need to start promoting your posts in 2018.

New features allow creative ways to drive traffic

Instagram has teamed up with the ecommerce website Shopify to integrate a new shopping feature. This lets businesses on Shopify tag their products in each photo, listing the items name, price. The feature also allows followers to click through to purchase the item without leaving the app.

This new feature is not exclusive to retail brands. If driving traffic is a brand’s goal, using Instagram stories with added links is a great way to drive traffic. Verified accounts or business accounts with more than 10,000 followers are able to use links within Instagram stories.

Instagram stories

In 2017 Instagram stories rapidly grew in popularity with an astonishing 300 million daily active users, double the size of popular app Snapchat. Just what are the conversion rates for stories? A recent report revealed one in every five organic stories gets a direct message.

It will be important for businesses and brands to use stories as part of their marketing strategy to reach new audiences. The great thing about Instagram stories is being able to experiment with what works best for you.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your Instagram profile looking good

As the latest release of Instagram stories highlights, its more important than ever to make sure your Instagram profile looks good. This new feature allows you to save any important stories to your profile. This allows people to view your stories for as long as they wish, not just 24 hours.

An important part of your 2018 Instagram strategy should be planning your Instagram feed to ensure your profile looks aesthetically pleasing. For brands being able to showcase Instagram stories is a great way to gain more followers, drive traffic and highlight key products and messages.

Keeping up with algorithms

Instagram algorithms are constantly changing which will impact on reach and engagements. It is important to really understand your audience and plan content accordingly.

For brands to be successful on Instagram it will become crucial to optimise content for the algorithms to ensure high impressions and engagements. One way to optimise content is to make it more discoverable by using hashtags. This allows users to see a variety of images when searching for a particular hashtag.

Instagram analytics will be very necessary for brands moving forward in 2018.

If you need more help with an Instagram marketing strategy or have a burning question the PR, social media and media relations experts at Briscoe French can help.


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