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Top 10 Visual Commerce Trends for 2018

Top 10 Visual Commerce Trends for 2018


It’s crazy to think of how far visual commerce has come. Three or four years ago, the concept of “visual commerce” was still pretty novel. Marketers were creating and sharing tons of content to build awareness, but the idea that they could use it to convert consumers at every stage of the purchase funnel seemed to be lost on many.

That’s no longer the case. Today, brands are hustling to make their visual assets actionable in marketing channels like Instagram, Facebook, email and their e-commerce sites. And it’s paying off:

Marketers are definitely seeing the value of visual commerce. And as we roll into the coming year, there are some new trends to keep top of mind to meet consumers’ needs.

Visual Commerce

Step up your visual commerce game in 2018

Have you been in the visual marketing game for some time? Chances are – you’ve got a solid understanding of the types of images that resonate with your audience. That’s a great start, but if you plan on crushing it in 2018, now is the time to kick your strategy up a notch.

Consumers don’t just want to be inspired; they want to turn those influential pieces of content into reality. So, make it easier for them to discover inspirational content on all of your channels; give them personalized experiences; and most importantly – make it easier than ever to buy the products they discover.

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Stephanie Wharton

Stephanie Wharton

Stephanie Wharton is a marketer and writer, focusing on the millennial generation and the travel industry. She is a proud graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia. You can read her musings about life as a millennial at theechoboomer.com.


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